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mac foy atv operator

Mac Foy - Owner, Operator, Fun-Arranger

My name is Mac Foy. An avid ATVer and outdoors enthusiast. I know ATV'ing is a crazy-fun sport and want to help get as many people out there enjoying it as possible. That’s why we focus our sales on quality products with good performance that are affordably priced. Are you buying for farm or yardwork?, to use for hunting?, or do you just like to off road sport ride? If you tell us what your riding goal is, we’ll match you with the best machine for you! Want or need aftermarket parts or accessories? We can help there too! If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you.

Buying isn’t for everyone…..often times buying a machine is an unreasonable investment for people living in cities or people with limited free time for getting away on their own ATV's. For this reason we offer a rental service that covers everything needed to ride, trailers, ramps, helmets, trail permits, etc. making ATV'ing more accessible for those not in a position to purchase a machine for themselves.

Whether you’re buying or renting, we always put serious importance on ensuring your ATV trips and/or goals are as successful as possible. Do not hesitate to communicate with us before your ride.

Living the L1fe Outdoors

About L1fe Outdoors ATV

Our company motto is in our name… we love to encourage and help people enjoy L1FE Outdoors! What better way to achieve this then through ATV’ing. Explore the off-road side of Ontario while enjoying the fresh air! As ATV enthusiasts we want to help you. Whether you’re renting or buying, we have you covered. Need a trailer or accessories, we can help. Need help planning your trip? No problem, we can hook you up. Questions about our products and services or just about ATV’ing in general, call us anytime.

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