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Why don’t you post your exact pick-up addresses?

Most of our pick-up locations are strictly rental depots that are not staffed for drop-ins. This is why it’s important to book ahead of time.

How do I find out where to pick-up?

Once you’ve booked your machine the coordinator from the location you’ve selected will contact you with all final details, including exact the address for pick-up or park & ride, timing, what you should bring etc. We take a very hands on approach. All your questions will be answered!

Why should I book ahead of time?

Booking ahead of time makes sure there is a machine(s) available, allows for all the paperwork (contracts, waivers & damage deposits) to be completed ahead of time, and allows for the coordination of the pick-up or park and ride.

Why is there a damage deposit?

When renting our machine(s) we expect you to treat the machine(s) like your own. If you damage your machine you would have to fix it. If you damage our machine you are responsible to cover the repair (outside of normal wear and tear). It’s imperative that we have machine(s) in good working order not only for you but for the renter after you.

What is the damage deposit?

The damage deposit is taken as a ‘hold’ on your credit card. It gives us the ability to charge your card should damage occur during your rental period. The Hold is in place for 7 days after the rental period to allow us to inspect the machine(s) and quote the repairs, if any. No damage charges will hit your card without communication from a L1FE Outdoors representative.

How much is the damage deposit?

Damage deposit amounts can be found on the online booking site. It differs with the type of machine(s) you are renting.

What are the costs to renting?

All rental rates are posted on the online booking site. For corporate rental rates (large volume or long term rentals) contact us.

How old do I have to be to rent?

You have to be 18 with a valid driver’s license to rent and/or drive any L1FE Outdoors machine(s). Passengers can be under 18 as long as there has been a waiver signed a head of time.

How do I sign up for the park and ride option?

3 of our pick-up locations are located close to a trail systems (Lisle, Bracebridge, & Horwood Lake Lodge). If you are not interested in transporting machines and would prefer to just come and ride for the day just book a machine(s) online and simply let your location coordinator know once they contact you for final details. Each of these locations has a place for you to park your vehicle for the day.

What to bring for a park & ride day?

L1FE Outdoors provides the machine(s), helmets, goggles, and permits if needed. You are responsible to bring everything else. Dress appropriately for the weather. Consider bringing water and a snack. Some routes may have food and gas along the route and others may not. Plan your route. Locations coordinators can help you with this if needed.

Will I run out of gas?

No…. In the case of ATVs you can get upwards of 6 hours of riding out of a tank of gas. If you plan a route that is more than this make sure there is a gas station on route or you bring a gas can along.
In the case of snowmobiles… you can get 4-6 hours of riding on a tank of gas. There are many more gas station options along the snowmobile trail system.
We can provide maps with food and gas indicators if needed.
As long as you plan your trip properly you will not run out of gas.

What if I don’t like using rental Helmets?

L1FE Outdoors sprays all rental helmets in between each use! Despite this we understand that some people would still prefer to purchase their own helmet and not use the rental. All L1FE Outdoors locations offers helmets for sale however in order to be sure that we have your size you should order them ahead of time. The online booking site should have these available for you to purchase. When you purchase your helmet it will be ready for you upon pick-up and it’s yours to take home after.

Do you sell your rental machines?

We are often asked if we sell our rental machines and the answer is yes. L1FE Outdoors is also an ATV dealer. Buying one of our lightly used rental machines is a great way to get a deal! If you fall in love with the machine you’ve rented ask us what the purchase price is. Purchase prices will depend on size, type, condition, and km’s on the machine.

Will my rental machine break down?

L1FE Outdoors takes every precaution possible to ensure that the machine(s) are in tip top condition. No machine is over 2 years old and in most cases less than 1 year. We all know things happen and in the event that something does happen please contact your location coordinator and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right.

Is it better to book online or to call in?

You’re always welcome to call in if you have questions that we have not answered on this site for you. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

Booking online is actually easier and allows you to have the freedom book anytime of the day. The online booking site shows you the availability of machines in each location by date on the calendar. Please always keep in mind that all small detail questions can be answered after you have reserved your machine(s).

What if there are not enough machines available at my desired location?

Have a larger group? Or looking for more machines than we have available at one location? In this case reach out to us! L1FE Outdoors, if able, will relocate machines to make your booking happen provided you give us enough notice and we have the machines available. We value all our bookings and it’s our goal to help make your outdoor adventure a reality.

How do I rent a trailer or ramps to help transport my rental machine?

Once you’ve selected which machine(s) you want to rent and place them in your cart an ‘Optional Extras’ page will pop up and allow you to add additional items to your rental including things like: trailers, ramps, new helmets (if you don’t want to use the rental helmet that’s included), riding gloves etc.

How do I request a Delivery Quote?

Once you’ve selected which machine(s) you want to rent and place them in your cart an ‘Optional Extras’ page will pop up and allow you to add a ‘Delivery Quote’ to your cart. By adding this item to your cart, after booking you will receive an email from a L1FE Outdoors representative who will take care of getting you the quote.


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