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There are many different avenues for getting your ATV parts and accessories these days. Dealerships, Accessory stores, Online shops… all competing for your business! BUT are they helping you make the right decision about your purchase or are they just trying every marketing trick in the bag to get you to purchase from them?

Sometimes people get a bit of sticker shock from the daily price of ATV rentals. I can sympathize. We are used to seeing car rental rates from $9.95/day?!?! How do you compare with that?

I won't get into all of the added costs when you try to ACTUALLY rent a car for $9.95 per day... but what I can speak on is what it ACTUALLY costs you to own the ATV you have.

L1FE Outdoors is proud to be a HiSUN dealer! We’d like to share with you not only the story behind HiSUN but also the reason we put so much faith in this brand.

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Our company motto is in our name… we love to encourage and help people enjoy L1FE Outdoors! What better way to achieve this then through ATV’ing. Explore the off-road side of Ontario while enjoying the fresh air! As ATV enthusiasts we want to help you. Whether you’re renting or buying, we have you covered. Need a trailer or accessories, we can help. Need help planning your trip? No problem, we can hook you up. Questions about our products and services or just about ATV’ing in general, call us anytime.

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