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L1FE Outdoors is proud to be a HiSUN dealer! We’d like to share with you not only the story behind HiSUN but also the reason we put so much faith in this brand.

For years, HISUN Motors Corporation has provided quality and revolutionary all-terrain vehicles for some of the biggest names in the Powersports industry. This private label production allowed HISUN Motors Corporation to quietly grow to one of the largest providers of Powersports vehicles globally year after year.

After opening the doors to the new 300,000 sq-ft U.S. headquarters in McKinney, TX, HISUN Motors Corp., USA has become a major Powersports supplier through quality products and HiSun Story ATVssuperior support. HISUN Motors proudly serves hundreds of dealers nationwide to continue to grow and establish the HISUN brand as a household name.

Housing final assembly, technical support, and parts distribution in the heart of Texas have solidified HISUN Motors as one of the fastest growing companies in the Industry.

“HISUN has the ability to change. When our customers see a challenge in any one product, they can communicate that through our Sales Department. Our Sales Department has a direct line to the CEO…and that change the customers is wanting can be affected very easily through our system. We are big enough to be able to support our products, but also small enough to change when change is needed,” said Ryan Daugherty, Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

With quality as our foundation, we create opportunities for our team members to grow as a part of the HISUN family and craft products that will create a lifetime of experiences. Shane Wilson, Vice President of Operations said, “…at the end of the day you get to go home knowing that the things you’ve done today will make a difference for people tomorrow.”

At HISUN Motors Corp., USA, we are dedicated to delivering a complete line of unique and versatile UTVs and ATVs, with a common focus of surpassing industry expectation. Our mission is to fuel enthusiasts worldwide with innovative products that propel the industry. We make more than Powersports vehicles, we create experiences which last a lifetime.

This article along with a video can be found on HiSun's website.


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