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Sometimes people get a bit of sticker shock from the daily price of ATV rentals. I can sympathize. We are used to seeing car rental rates from $9.95/day?!?! How do you compare with that?

I won't get into all of the added costs when you try to ACTUALLY rent a car for $9.95 per day... but what I can speak on is what it ACTUALLY costs you to own the ATV you have.

Let's look at owning an ATV similar to what L1FE Outdoors rents - Polaris Sportsman 450. An ATV in this level will cost you between $7000 and $8000. We'll use $7500 for the purpose of this exercise.


This will vary for every user... but we'll use a round number of $250 per year.

Buying Vs Renting ATVTrail permits

We'll use $140 per year. That will cover one of the 2 most popular trail networks covering Ontario.


This will also vary for every rider based on your riding style and location you ride... but I think a conservative number will be $150 per year. This will cover an oil change or 2, maybe a CV boot replacement, etc...

There are a lot of other factors that we can look at in this test like storage costs, time it takes you to maintain your quad or having to take it to the mechanic, the cost of maintaining or storing your trailer for your quad, or owning ramps or a truck, etc... For now, we'll leave these out so we get an easy number to work with.

Again, being conservative, let's assume you will keep your 4-wheeler for 10 years. That will make nice round numbers for this financial model.

Bike purchase - $7500
10 years of insurance - $2500
10 years of trail permits - $1400
10 years of maintenance - $1500

Total - $12,900 over 10 years. Therefore it will cost you approximately $1300 per year to own an ATV of this level.

You may say, "well after 10 years my ATV is still worth something!" Yes, you are correct, but it is closer to the $2000 number after 10 years. If you want to factor that into the mix, we are looking at around $1100 per year to own that ATV.

Now it is time to look at how often you ride. If you do more than 10 weekends of riding per year, the answer is clear... owning your own machine is the way to go.

If you find yourself doing 1 - 4 trips per year, now it is looking a little more logical that renting is the way to go. That decision is up to you... but the peace of mind of having a current model, well-maintained ATV anytime you need it... it's looking a little more attractive.

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