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There are many different avenues for getting your ATV parts and accessories these days. Dealerships, Accessory stores, Online shops… all competing for your business! BUT are they helping you make the right decision about your purchase or are they just trying every marketing trick in the bag to get you to purchase from them?

And don’t get us wrong, we’re not here to tell you that price doesn’t matter. Because price does matter! We all work very hard to earn our living and we deserve good value for our buck. We ARE here to tell you that service matters too!!

Customer Service EssentialL1FE Outdoors is a family owned and run business. We may not be the biggest ATV store around, but we have pride in our business and we value having good selection, good pricing, and GREAT service. It is our goal always to keep a good selection in the items we stock. If we don’t happen to stock an item or items you are looking for we will order it in for you, often times with only a 1-2 day wait time. Our pricing goal is to always give you the best price that we can. And our service goal is to help every customer no matter the size of the order find the right product to purchase. Not everyone knows exactly what they’re looking for until they’re given all the options.

We operate with the same values whether you’re shopping with us instore or online. Come visit us or shoot us a message, we will do our very best to respond quickly.

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About L1fe Outdoors ATV

Our company motto is in our name… we love to encourage and help people enjoy L1FE Outdoors! What better way to achieve this then through ATV’ing. Explore the off-road side of Ontario while enjoying the fresh air! As ATV enthusiasts we want to help you. Whether you’re renting or buying, we have you covered. Need a trailer or accessories, we can help. Need help planning your trip? No problem, we can hook you up. Questions about our products and services or just about ATV’ing in general, call us anytime.

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